This page is dedicated to providing information on all the players who have played for Leamington FC throughout the seasons.

Players are listed alphabetically by surname. If you have any pictures and/or details we could use. Please get in touch.

Original compilation courtesy of Jim Cooper, Paul Edwards, & Simon Saunders

Ben Adams Details
Jon Adams Details
Richard Adams Details
Sam Adkins Details
Brian Agar Details
Nick Amos Details
Mark Anderson Details
Dior Angus Details
Richard Anstiss Details
Kevin Ariss Details
Reis Ashraf Details
Ross Atkins Details
Louis Atkinson Details
Sam Austin Details
Jagtar Bahi Details
Courtney Baker-Richardson Details
Adam Ball Details
Jamie Ball Details
Neil Barnfield Details
Jamie Barr Details
Richard Batchelor Details
Tom Bates Details
Richard Beale Details
Robbie Beard Details
Mykel Beckley Details
Martyn Beeston Details
Dale Belford Details
Mark Bellingham Details
Tom Berwick Details
Andy Biffin Details
Ian Billington Details
Colby Bishop Details
Josh Blake Details
Wayne Blossom Details
Jacob Blyth Details
Luke Bottomer Details
Tony Breeden Details
Leon Broadhurst Details
Jonny Burgess Details
Andy Cameron Details
Liam Canavan Details
David Care Details
Eddie Caviezel-Cox Details
Asa Charlton Details
Lee Chilton Details
Joe Clarke Details
Jamie Coleman Details
Neil Collett Details
Luke Connolly Details
Adam Cooper Details
Niall Cooper Details
Luke Corbett Details
Michael Corcoran Details
Andy Crabtree Details
Alex Cowley Details
Tom Cudworth Details
Scott Curphey Details
Liam Daly Details
Phil Daly Details
Scott Darroch Details
Charlton Davies Details
Nathan Davies Details
Myles Day Details
Jay Denny Details
Harjinder Dhesi Details
Andy Dix Details
Matt Dodd Details
Russell Dodd Details
Lee Downes Details
Dave Draper Details
Daniel Dubidat Details
Russell Dunkley Details
Craig Dutton Details
Scott Easterlow Details
Paul Eden Details
Danny Edwards Details
Jack Edwards Details
James Edwards Details
Andy Ellis Details
Rob Elvins Details
Junior English Details
Anthony Episcopo Details
Lee Evans Details
Peter Faulds Details
Mike Feely Details
Karl Fellows Details
Lewis Fenney Details
Reece Flanagan Details
Steven Ford Details
Simon Forsdick Details
Tom Fountain Details
Liam Francis Details
Tom Friend Details
Paul Frost Details
James Fry Details
Adrian Fuller Details
Aaron Gayle Details
Ben George Details
James Gettings Details
Chris Gibson Details
Callum Gittings Details
Tom Glasscoe Details
Jordan Goddard Details
Delroy Gordon Details
Josh Green Details
Will Green Details
Andrew Gregory Details
Richard Gregory Details
Connor Gudger Details
Simon Gulliver Details
Lewis Gwilliams Details
Scott Hadland Details
Chris Hammond Details
Chris Hanrahan Details
Andy Harper Details
James Harri Details
Joe Halsall Details
Josh Hawker Details
Jake Heath Details
Stuart Hepburn Details
Harry Harris Details
Stuart Herlihy Details
Nathan Hicks Details
Martin Hier Details
Ryan Higgins Details
Paul Holland Details
Jamie Hood Details
Ryan Howell Details
James Husband Details
Marcus Jackson Details
Tom James Details
Avun Jephcott Details
Ricky Johnson Details
Dale Jones Details
Jake Jones Details
Nat Kelly Details
Kristian Kelsall Details
Chris Kiely Details
Ian King Details
Adam Knight Details
Chris Knight Details
Gary Knight Details
David Kolodynski Details
Niels Kristensen Details
Seb Lake-Gaskin Details
Dominic Langdon Details
Jamie Lenton Details
Matt Lewis Details
Zak Lilly Details
Scott Lycett Details
Lee McBain Details
Paul McCone Details
Nick McFarlane Details
Liam McGovern Details
Jody McKay Details
Andy McKinley Details
David McNamee Details
James McPike Details
James Mace Details
Ben Mackey Details
Jonny Maddison Details
Joe Magunda Details
Liam Maher Details
Justin Marsden Details
Darren Middleton Details
Reece Mitchell Details
Benson Miyoba Details
Lee Moore Details
Stefan Moore Details
Mats Morch Details
Robin Morey Details
Leon Morgan Details
Oluwaseyi Morgan Details
Richard Morgan Details
Stephan Morley Details
Kieron Morris Details
Richard Morris Details
Nick Mort Details
Chris Murphy Details
Martyn Naylor Details
Adam Newbury Details
Danny Newton Details
Paul Nicholls Details
Ryan Northmore Details
Paul O'Keeffe Details
Ahmed Obeng Details
Rob Ogleby Details
Nathan Olukanmi Details
Ross Oulton Details
Craig Owen Details
Steve Palmer Details
Ryan Parisi Details
Arron Parkinson Details
Will Payne Details
Jason Pearcey Details
Dave Castro-Pearson Details
Dale Peckham Details
Carl Pentney Details
Dean Perrow Details
Neale Perry (RIP) Details
Stuart Pierpoint Details
Dan Pirvu Details
Darren Pond Details
Ellison Porter Details
Callum Powell Details
Dan Preston Details
Hayden Proctor Details
Simon Proctor Details
Ryan Quinn Details
Simon Rea Details
Kurtis Revan Details
Liam Reynolds Details
Guy Rippon Details
Marvin Robinson Details
Seb Rockcliff Details
Alex Rodman Details
Tim Romback Details
Grant Roscorla Details
Keith Rostill Details
James Rowe Details
Ryan Rowe Details
Mark Rowland Details
Guy Sanders Details
Elliot Sandy Details
Tom Saunders Details
Kevin Sawyer Details
Lee Scott Details
Tom Sharpe Details
Barry Shearsby Details
Jamie Sheldon Details
Paul Shepherd Details
Amrit Sidhu Details
Vijay Sidhu Details
Tom Sidwell Details
Mark Simmonds Details
Vernor Sleem Details
Steve Smith Details
Richard Softley Details
Neil Stacey Details
Jai Stanley Details
Nick Stanley Details
Darren Stapleton Details
Lee Steele Details
Andy Stidder Details
Owen Story Details
Darran Tank Details
Jamie Tank Details
Richard Taundry Details
Alex Taylor Details
Martin Thompson Details
Steve Thompson Details
Rob Thompson-Brown Details
Joshua Tiff Details
Peter Till Details
Shaun Timmins Details
Darren Timms Details
Morton Titterton Details
Josh Tolley Details
Fabrizio Tosti Details
Jamie Towers Details
Simon Travis Details
Connal Trueman Details
Liam Truslove Details
Michael Tuohy Details
Ben Usher Details
Lee van der Heyden Details
Nathan Vaughan Details
Laurie Walker Details
Simon Walker Details
Daniel Ward Details
Matt Warner Details
Glen Webb Details
Kieren Westwood Details
Simon Wickson Details
Craig Wilding Details
Ryan Willetts Details
Michael Williams Details
Aron Wint Details
Jefferson Woodward Details
Ashley Worsfold Details
Bilal Yafai Details