What is the Brakes 12th Man Scheme?

The 12th Man Scheme, already popular with other progressive non-league clubs, is an initiative to raise money to increase the team’s playing budget and for fans to make a direct impact on the pitch as well as from the terraces.

Money raised by the 12th Man Scheme does not replace the money already allocated by the club for paying players – it is a ring-fenced bucket of funding that can be accessed by the manager for the sole purpose of paying new players – and will never be used for any other means. It is to be used at the sole discretion of the manager, when he finds the player or players he wants to bring into the squad whether that may be this season or next.

The Scheme will work on a ‘pay-what-you-want’ basis. It can be for as little or as much as fans decide – and can be paid via a one-off payment or by a regular donation through a monthly subscription.

How can I contribute to the scheme?

There are various ways to contribute to the scheme:

By making a regular monthly contribution by standing order from your bank account. Please click a link below to download a form:

10PoundMonthly 20PoundMonthly 30PoundMonthly 50PoundMonthly

By making a regular monthly contribution through Paypal or by using a debit or credit card. Please select an option below:

 By making a one-off contribution by cheque or bank transfer.

Please download a donation form below and return with your cheque or execute a bank to bank transfer using the bank details quoted on the form:


By making a one-off contribution through Paypal

By participating in the Brakes Lottery, whereby you will also have the chance to win a cash prize.



Who administers the scheme?

The scheme will be run by the Leamington FC Vice-Presidents’ Club. All monies will be paid into a separate account in the name of the Vice-Presidents’ Club and will be
ring-fenced for the above purpose.

Contributions can be made from as little as £10 per month. Obviously the more fans that join the scheme, more funds will be available to the manager to improve the playing squad.

Have a question?

Please email: 12thMan@leamingtonfc.co.uk